Best tech life hacks

Some many tech-related tricks and tips can simplify your day and make it easier.

Apple’s charging cables for iOS devices or Macs can fray over time, so it’s worth spending money to replace them often (unless you’re worried about them setting fire to everything you love and own). We have a clever hack to prevent your Apple cables from fraying.

Scroll on pages using your keyboard

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Scroll down any webpage using the space bar. To scroll up, you can hold down the shift key and simultaneously the space bar.

Although this trick is well-known, we felt it was worth mentioning: Use the spacebar to scroll down any webpage.

To scroll up, you can hold down the space bar and shift the key simultaneously.

Your headphones can double as a microphone


You don’t have a microphone nearby but you need one. As a temporary and cheap alternative, plug your headphones into the microphone port.

You don’t have the budget to buy a microphone. Easy.

You can grab any pair of headphones you have lying around and plug them into your microphone jack to start talking. Although this is not a secret, it will blow your mind if you don’t know. The quality isn’t great, but it’s not impossible to have everything.

Help with spelling, grammar, and definitions


Grammarly is an excellent tool to help with grammar, spelling and other online issues.

Grammarly is a great tool for writing online. This tool provides tips and suggestions on grammar, spelling, and sentence construction for any web project.

Double-clicking a word will highlight it and give you suggestions for other words. is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to edit text on any website. It’s also free!

Use emoji on desktops


Did you think emojis only worked on mobile devices? Think again. They can be used on desktops as well.

For Mac: Press control+command+spacebar to get the emoji menu.

Chrome’s latest version has an emoji list. To access all emojis, click the right-click icon next to any text you wish to type.

Rapidly re-open closed tabs


You can quickly re-open a tab you have accidentally closed in your browser by pressing command+shift+t (Mac) or control+shift+t (Windows).

You can use this multiple times, so make sure to keep clicking to open any tabs that you have closed. Even after you have closed your browser completely and re-opened it, it still works.

Only Watch


Just Watch is a great choice if you are stuck on what to watch or need some help. This tool is useful for getting personalized viewing recommendations.

Just watching is an excellent choice if you are stuck for something to see and need some help. It can be used to tell it which services you use (Netflix or Amazon Prime Video), and then it will give you hints based on your viewing habits, as well as what is currently available.

You can search for something specific if you don’t know where it is.

No internet? Play a game


If your internet connection is lost and Google Chrome gives you an error page to help you fix it, just press the spacebar and start a T-Rex-themed game.

You won’t get bored waiting to go online again. You can continue online if your internet crashes and you lose your game.

You can hide people on Twitter by not blocking them


Twitter’s muted button is an underrated trick. This allows you to continue following an account but hides its tweets or retweets.

This is a quick and easy way to remove a person from Twitter without having them unfollow you, thus offending them. You won’t even know they are there when you mute them. Simply click on the settings menu at the right of someone’s profile and select mute. It’s that simple.

Remotely log in to Facebook


Privacy tips are worth mentioning, especially when it involves Facebook. Everyone uses social media sites, including their mothers. Did you ever check Facebook on a different device only to realize that you had forgotten to log out?

You can still log out remotely, so don’t panic. Navigate to “When you’re logged into” in the “Settings” drop-down menu of Facebook.

You can view all sessions open and close from there.

Increase your WiFi signal


You can use Wifi Analyzer apps to check your signal strength and optimize your home network.

Your WiFi may be acting a little sluggish if you find your WiFi intermittently.

The Wi-Fi Analyzer app could be the solution to all your problems. The app scans frequencies to find the best channels and recommends which ones to use to avoid any overlap. This app delivers faster WiFi and requires less effort.

Protective cord for DIY

YouTube | Myoldreteacher

This is a clever trick to prevent your Apple charging cables from fraying. Take a ballpoint pen and grab the spring. Wrap it around the bendy part of the cord and it will keep it straight for years.

Never again hit the full stop key


Did you know that smartphones don’t have a full stop key? To make a full stop, all you need to do is hit twice the space bar and the next letter will automatically be capitalized.

You can also program your custom keyboard Swiftkey to predict your sentences.

You can search YouTube without visiting YouTube


YouTube search has never been simpler thanks to this trick: you can use the Google Chrome browser to type in your address bar and then hit the tab. You can then search YouTube directly from your address bar. No more need to go to YouTube to search for something.

Find out the ideal time to pee in a movie


This one is hilarious… Download the RunPee app on your iOS, Android, or Windows device. It will tell you when the best time is to use the toilet while you watch any movie, so you don’t miss any amazing scenes or plot twists.

Convert Wiki pages to books


Any Wikipedia page can be rendered electronically in PDF, ZIM, or OpenDocument format. You can also order a printed book.

This page teaches you in just four steps how to make a book using Wikipedia articles.

Google is a great way to locate your Android


Google provides an Android device manager that allows you to find lost or stolen devices. However, you can also Google “find your phone” to locate it.

Remember to log in to the Google account associated with your Android.

Google can help you study


You can search for “site:edu [subject] examination” to find tons of samples and solutions to any exam you are studying for in high school or college.

Honey offers coupon codes


To instantly start saving money, download the Honey extension for Chrome.

It applies coupon codes automatically when you shop online. Woohoo!


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