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Fujitsu F-04B Modular Cellphone Review

When the projector has turned in to an essential component in all the official works, the need of these projectors in their mobile phone has increased. Mobile phone is considered to be easiest platform to launch any gadgets. Today, projectors are joining the features of the mobile phone. Fujitsu has recently come with handset – Fujitsu F04B Projector Phone. First before starting the features of the projectors, we will discuss the features of the mobile phone. Fujitsu F04B Projector Phone comes with detachable keyboard. It allows the user to type or send email or search for any person in the address book while talking. On the other hand, when the keyboard is attached then the phone can be open or close through sliding. The display is a touch screen. Hence it can operate independently without any interface from the keyboard. The Independence makes the mobile phone to take any shape irrespective to the presence of keyboard. The above concept of using either of the unit independently is called as “freestyle design”. It makes the users to use the mobile to whatever they want it to be. It comes with 9.8 mm touch screen device. The detached mode makes the user a privilege to use the keyboard section while on a conversation over phone. The user can browse through the internet, search for contacts or write email, etc.

The user can even watch TV broadcast during the detached mode. Detaching the mobile phone and make use both the units for different applications at a time is a new concept in the digital market. This new way of using the mobile phone makes this mobile phone a richest means of communication tool. The keyboard unit can be used for all kind of purpose. It allows the user to use it as numeric keypad as well as QWERTY keyboard. The reason behind the two options in the keyboard is to enhance fast typing. The design of the mobile is very simple. It has nice display with elegant keyboard. The design of the keyboard itself will invite the user to type through it. Fujitsu F04B Projector Phone is available in two colors. One is silvery white and other is shiny black. The projector head is available in the lower unit of the mobile phone. Therefore the users can detach the lower unit and place it at the required location to provide a larger image of the mobile content. The significance of the mobile phone is it can larger image of any kinds of data on the wall. There are no restrictions that, Fujitsu F04B Projector Phone will only project media files. It can project word, excel sheets, etc. The performance of the mobile phone is very good according to the reviews of the customers. People are very much surprised due to the detachable mode it has. The future years will be more beautiful due to these kinds of innovation inventions. Doing your work will be very easy with Fujitsu F04B Projector Phone! Hence go and get your piece now.


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