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A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, with systems both artificial and natural – it sounds a widely accepted definition. But there is Cyborg’s just a character in literature, future technology and movies of anticipation, as we see it most often? Or, by reference to the basic definition, we must accept that Cyborgs are already among us?

Amber Case, research anthropologist who studies the human-computer relationship for many years, do not hesitate to say, whenever the opportunity is that, in fact, about all the people familiar with the computer, in Western society, are cyborgs. Since I got so tied to the keyboard and screen to work and communicate, it means that they have become practically extensions of our being. Let this be a significant aspect of evolution in action? Perhaps we are witnessing the emergence of a new subspecies of Homo sapiens, equipped with screens and buttons, even if not Overgrown organic body are, however, our extension – at least in our minds – in both the our relationship became close with them.

Also, electronic skin could be used to monitor brain activity and heart rate. That does not exceed the thickness of a hair that is attached in an extremely easy on the skin, without any glue, and demonstrates flexibility are some elements that make an electronic skin incredible invention, with thousands of potential uses. Currently, Rogers is working with physiotherapists to facilitate use of the system in order to induce muscle contractions in the degraded areas of the body, thereby restoring tissue. The project’s Rogers and his team began 15 years ago when they began to study some cardio and cerebral imaging devices are mounted on the internal tissues. Then, research has advanced to create systems that mimic the external skin, the largest organ, but the most interesting, as even Rogers says.

“Electronic skin” consists of sensors, antennas, light-emitting diodes and other components trapped between two layers of protection. It is powered by integrated solar cells or inductive coils that can be used to generate power wireless. The entire system is placed on a sheet of polyester elastic, designed to match the physical properties of skin. The entire structure is less than 40 microns thick, is thin enough that it remains on the skin only with van der Waals induction, which forces the molecules to stick together.

If we are content to refer, however, the artificial parts in contact with our bodies and helps us sharpen our senses and mobility – that is a closer description of the concept of cyborg, as we put him in the head books and movies, we see that, and so many among us are cyborgs. It’s not just about people like Neil Harbison artist – the first cyborg “with papers in order” – and hearing about the amazing advances – the real bionic States, some controlled by mind power – which replace lost arms or legs of people. The team currently working on adding new components of future technology, including wireless communicators for loading data or commands and piezoelectric devices (mechanisms that generate electrical signals in response to mechanical vibration and generating electrical signals following), which are powered by body movements.


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