Latitude 2120 Netbook Details, Specs, Reviews

The Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook has come up with its own array of positives. It is one laptop that’s definitely going to sweep you off your feet when it comes to its battery life. The price tag on this one is not very affordable but after having a look at its specifications and features you might want to buy it badly. So let’s have a look at the specifications, features, performance and drawbacks, if any in the following sections.

Technical specifications

This laptop runs on 32 bit Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics have been given in this netbook. The anti-glare coated display screen is 10.1 inches in size and has got a native resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. For connectivity Dell Wireless 1520 802.11n wireless LAN has been given. The laptop weighs 3.1 lbs and measures 10.43×0.89-1.57×7.36 inches. It has got an 11.1V, 56Wh six cell extended battery. Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook comes with one year of limited warranty by the company.

Features and performance

The Dell Latitude 2120 Net book will look small and very compact in the first glance. The design hasn’t been well thought of by the company making the laptop look thick and like a toy. The blue colored exterior of the body has got a rubber coating. The island structure of the laptop makes it look durable and comfortable to use. The build quality, as it must be accepted, is excellent. Any amount of pressure applied doesn’t let its plastics flex. The 10.1 inches anti-glare screen cuts heavily on reflections and glares. The color reproduction, brightness and contrast are satisfactory. When most ultra-portable notebooks in the market have 1 GB of RAM here comes the Dell Latitude 2120 Net book with 2 GB. The performance of the laptop is good for office applications. The six cell battery life here steals the show away. With 70 per cent screen brightness, wireless on and web page being refreshed every minute the battery lasted for an astonishing 8 hours! Now this is one big fat reason why people always on the go would prefer buying this machine.

Drawbacks of Dell 2120

The touchpad of Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook is very cramped. When using it you might feel frustrated due its small size and low sensitivity.The viewing angles of the display screen too are poor and colours easily distort at 20 degrees off the centre.The performance of the net book is slightly sluggish while surfing the net.With no integrated Bluetooth and other lacking features the price is higher than expectations.


There are some noticeable drawbacks with Dell Latitude 2120 Net book but when it comes to the battery life and build quality it emerges as a true winner.


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