Smart Tips to Keep those Cowhide Rugs Spotless as Ever!

Cowhide rugs, along with their bold patterns, luxurious textures and deep colours, can be quite intimidating. But, as soon as you get the hang of it, you will be super bent on decorating your home with it. They are very versatile, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Most common of the cowhide colours are black, white, brown, and their various combinations. If you are one with those bold, adventurous souls, you could even dye your rugs a bright pink or a dazzling metallic. The choice is all yours!

These rugs can effectively soften and sophisticate a room that’s filled with metals and glass, or add a little fanciful vibe to a black and white room. Cowhide with its unique texture and hues can brighten up an otherwise simple and neutral room. It will make your drab and dingy room look warm and inviting. So, you can definitely consider adding some interesting contrast to your space with the help of a cowhide rug. Eluxury Home presents to you a myriad collection of authentic, carefully sourced cowhide rugs. Their products feature the best of designs and are all of premium quality.

Cleaning tips for cowhide rugs

Have you always admired and been inclined towards the look and feel of cowhide rugs? Getting yourself a cowhide rug in Australia is easy, but are you worried about the upkeep? The rich, sophisticated look and the luxurious nature of the rugs are probably making you assume things. You might be thinking that these rugs are easily ruined. Or perhaps they come with complicated and tough care instructions. Read on to know the truth:

  • Regular Vacuuming: One of the most important and foremost things to do for your rug is to vacuum it on a regular basis. It should be made into a weekly chore just like you vacuum all other carpets and rugs in the house. Don’t get the idea that vacuuming it so often will ruin it. It will rather do just the opposite. Vacuuming it every week shall not let the dirt and dust build up among the hairs. It will avoid the hairs to get matted down and keep the rug looking fresh.
  • Don’t soak it: Just like a sheepskin throw, cowhide rugs are very delicate and prone to spills. But, you should never soak your rug. Yes, we know the first instinct is going to be to clean the rug with soap and water. But, that’s an absolute no! For mild stains, just use dry cloth and wipe it in the same direction of the hairs. For more serious spills, use a mild detergent and a damp cloth, but never get the rug too wet.
  • Powder Deodorizing: If you are concerned about the fact that your cowhide rugs shall start developing smells, worry not. There’s a super easy way to keep your rug smelling fresh and fragrant. Just take the help of a powder that contains deodorizers. Sprinkle some of it on the rug, let it sit and then vacuum it up. And voila! You will have a clean and sweet smelling rug in no time.
  • Eucalyptus oiling: One of the hardest stains to get out of your rug is grease stains. You just have to know the right ingredients to get it out and you are sorted. All you have to do is rub some eucalyptus oil lightly on the stain, and it will help to get rid of the stubborn grease stain. And in case, you are met with persistent stains, you have to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for the job.

So, these were the most effective tips to keep that rug of yours looking as good as new. Remember that a rug made out of good quality cowhide is quite durable and will last you for years. You can definitely pass it down the generations as a family heirloom.


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