5 Best Apps For Weight Loss

If you got extra weight and trying to lose the weight using different techniques along with searching professional advice. Life is not so completed with the help of technological development. The solution is in your pocket and it is your iPhone. Just download free apps for weight loss and follow the steps to stay sexy and young. These apps are suitable for popular Smartphone platforms. If you need then you can try the apps. The 5 Best Apps for weight loss are as follows:

1. Lose It!

It is a very effective app for you. Download this free app for your iPhone or Android phone and input your weight and your desired weight in the Lose It! It will calculate your daily calories and estimate the time required to reach your desired weight. Besides you can communicate with online support community for your better understanding and support. This app will give you a proper guideline to lose your weight. You will know about calorie and nutritional information about any item through scanning items barcodes. So you do not need to pay any extra money to lose your weight with the help of this app.

2. Fooducate

This app will select you food quality by calculating the calorie, processing recipe and surplus sugar. Thus you will able to avoid unhealthy foods. Get this app for your iPhone or Android phone and go to market to buy foods. Just scan the barcode and get the Fooducate research result for you about the food. It will save your valuable time and you will be able to keep smart and sound health.

3. Locavore

If you want to take fresh foods from the market then you need Locavore in your iPhone or Android phone. It will also inform you about local market using GPS and about the locally grown food and vegetable. Fresh food is very important for our health because seasonally fresh food contain more nutrients than off-season food. Locavore will give you all information if you scan barcode of the product. This app will tell you about seasonally food and its time duration to get the fresh food. So buy fresh food and stay fine.

4. My Fitness Pal

From the beginning My Fitness Pal will want your height, weight and your desired weight information besides your lifestyle information. After that this app will give you the guideline to reach your desired weight. You will get monthly goal to reach your final goal. Besides the app will provide information about calorie and nutrition from the neighborhood restaurants. You will able to share your experiences with your friends and count calorie online. This will motivate your for weight loss activities. You just need a iPhone or Android for this app.

5. Endomondo

Endomondo will give you a clear picture of your route-based sport activities like cycling, running, walking or distance based actions by using GPS with the help of Google Maps. You will able to track your every step and know about calories or energy you have used. It will show your distance, duration and speed that you passed. If you wish then you can customize the audio feedback, voice alert, lap time, etc. Besides you can exchange your experiences with friends through Endomondo account. It has got very modern interface. This is a free app for iPhone, Blackberry and for Android.


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