Delivering High Speed Broadband To Cheltenham Area Via Wireless

Pinnacle Technology Group successfully completed testing the systems required to deliver broadband via wireless in October 2012.  Negotiations to use the rooftop positions to deliver the service are now complete.  Many businesses and private individuals have registered an interest in being connected to the system, and a test site has now been maintained for over 3 months.  The service launches on Monday 14th October 2013 with services up to 20Mb initially available, and plans are in place to have services up to 100Mb available in the future.

Who Are Pinnacle Technology Group Plc?

Pinnacle Technology Group is an AIM listed public company and have expertise in delivering telephone lines, connectivity and data services, IT support and Internet security.  One division of the company specialises in delivering short-term solutions for events and festivals, and has supplied telecoms and data for the Cheltenham Festivals and at events at Cheltenham Racecourse for some years.  In 2013, one of the projects being undertaken is to deliver a broadband via wireless service across Cheltenham in the areas where existing connectivity via telephone lines is poor.

Where Will The Base Stations Be Situated For The Broadband Via Wireless Service?

One will be in the town centre and another on Evesham Road near the racecourse, and a few other strategic locations have been identified to ensure good coverage of the area.

How Fast Will The Service Be?

There are options for services from 5Mb to 20Mb initially, and higher speeds are planned.  For businesses with very high speed data requirements, options as high as 500Mb will be available.  If your business requires a very high capacity connection please let Pinnacle Technology Group know at and as soon as the high capacity fibre link is available you will be notified.

How Far From The Base Stations Will The Service Work?

Most customers will need a small receiver installed at their home or business to use the service.  Depending on the distance between the base station and the customer site, this receiver will be between a cigarette packet and an A4 sheet of paper in size.  It is expected that initially customers within 5 kilometers of the base stations will be able to receive the service.  However, it may be possible to supply services to outlying villages by having a new booster transmitter located in the area.

Is There A Public Hotspot Service Available?

Some customers who are within 1km of the base stations may be able to receive the service direct to their smart-phones, computers or laptops without needing any additional receiver, or by using a simple booster antenna and home repeater (cost £79) at their home.  This service will be available FREE OF CHARGE for up to 10 minutes a day for testing, and will work as a standard wifi hotspot.  You can check if this service is available in your area by checking the wifi services available on your laptop or smartphone.  If you can see “Pinnacle Cheltenham Wifi” as one of the services then this service may suit you.

Will My Home Or Business Be Covered?

The area that is expected to be covered using a small receiver on the outside of your home or office is shown on the coverage picture below, and by using booster stations it may be possible to extend this to areas further away.

How Much Will The Service Cost?

Anyone who is very close to the base stations will be able to connect directly to the service from their laptop or smart phone, and get 10 minutes FREE access in any day.  If you are very close to a base station, then you can have continuous access to the service at the prices shown below.  For customers who are within 1km of a base station there is a booster antenna and repeater unit that costs £79 that will bring the package into your office or home.


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