You Can Now Mix And Match Components With Zte’s New Moddable Smartphone.

From the CES ZTE has upcoming plans of a moldable and fully customizable smartphone. You can literally build it from the ground up and have any feature you want. This is an up and coming concept that lets you build it from component to component. The powerhouse Chinese Manufacturer ZTE showed off a state of the art concept for a highly customizable phone at CES in Las Vegas, calling it’s new product ‘Eco-Mobius’. The concept showed a number of smartphones and tablet modules that you can assemble like a lego puzzle.

In my opinion, this is a great innovative move from ZTE. By being able to give the market the ability to fully customize a phone, to your own specifications from the ground up is definitely something very new and very interesting. It’s like building a mini pc, but instead, you’re building your own smartphone.. which is something you’ll have with you all the time. ZTE announced back in October 2013 for its plans for a modular phone, however this is the first time the public has seen the device in person.

Phone specs to date:

The phone contains 4 main hardware modules which are fully customizable such as: LCD, processing cores, camera lens, and battery. The LCD module includes the screen and lens, the core module includes a removable and upgradable CPU, RAM, and internal storage. All 4 modules can be easily be swapped, just like inserting a battery. The modular design of this phone will make it possible to swap out parts and hardware. If you need a better camera, simply exchange the camera lens on the phone.

If you need more memory, you would be able to upgrade memory space or even RAM on the device. If battery life is a problem, a bigger battery replacement would be an option. At the moment it is still a work in progress. However, this will change the smartphone game once this concept is fully implemented. It’s just a matter of time before this product comes out to the market. It’s a sneak peak into the next generation of smartphones.


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