15 tech tips you’ll regret not knowing sooner

Many gadgets don’t come with a detailed user manual. They are learned by doing.

No one wants to go into the settings of a new router. This step is critical for the more connected devices you have. Click or tap here to learn the essential steps to protect your data and files from hackers and other prying eyes.

Your smartphone is even more important for your safety. Your smartphone is not the only option in an emergency. Click or tap to activate emergency iPhone and Android features that could save your life. Do it now, before you are in dire need.

Nest Cam video feed shared

Nest Cams are great for live video streaming, capturing past events, and receive instant alerts about motion and sound. It is not common knowledge that Nest cams can be shared. My sisters were allowed to view my mother’s Nest camera in her living room.

How you share the stream is the big problem. You should not choose a public link. This means that anyone can view the stream without needing a password.

You can choose to create a password-protected URL. Only you and your password will be able to access the video stream. Other people won’t have access to the Nest home or the devices connected to it. The video stream can be viewed simultaneously by up to ten people.

Log in to the Nest app using a computer. You can’t modify the privacy settings of your camera on a tablet or phone for some reason.

Select the Camera you wish to share > Setting > Sharing

There are two options available: Share with a password and Share publicly. Select Share with password – Click this button to allow specific people to view your live stream. They will need to have the link to your camera, and they will need to enter the password that you’ve set.

Built-in dictation

Are you able to send text messages with Siri and Google Assistant? It saves you a lot of time. It also allows you to use the built-in dictation feature of your computer.

It’s very easy to do on a Windows computer.

To open the dictation toolbar, press the Windows key +H

Notification: To enable this feature, click on the link.

It takes a little more work to set up a Mac.

Click on the Apple logo and then System Preferences.

Select Keyboard> Typing. This should be set to on. To start dictation, you can create a shortcut by hitting the Control key twice.

Open a document by tapping the cursor and then tap your shortcut. You can also choose Edit> start Dictation.

The microphone will be activated. When you are done, hit Done

Pro tip: Use your preferred punctuation to get the best results. An email could be started with “Hey Kim comma, I love your radio show.”

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Your phone can be turned into a security camera

Are you without a security system? You don’t need one? You can easily turn your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer into a motion-activated security camera with just a few clicks of Critter. 

After a simple calibration test, this site captures any movement using your device’s camera. All motion is captured and then you can download the images. All data is saved locally and is not sent via the internet. 

Your iPhone can create a secret world for conversation

Secret communication allows you to tap into your inner James Bond without having to worry about messages appearing in your regular texts. You just need to create a note and then share it with anyone who is interested in a chat.

Start the Notesapp.

To add someone, swipe left from the list of notes. To open a note, tap on the three horizontal dots and then share a note.

Choose Can Make Modifications under Share Options

Send your message via email or text.

You and the person who added it to your note can both make changes. You can now communicate privately and it won’t appear in your text messages.

There are many tricks in the Notes app. It even has a scanner function! 

If you eat at your keyboard, it can attract dirt and grime. Use a Post-it Note to clean your keyboard if you don’t have compressed air.

It should be run through every row of keys. It will be both surprising and disconcerting to see how much junk it accumulates. Use a pair of tweezers to remove dust from corners.

You can also spring-clean your tech from the inside.

Start a new tab

Do you want to open a new tab so that you can read it later? Click the wheel with your mouse to hover over a hyperlink. This will open the link in a new tab and keep you on your current screen.

Laptop users, sorry. You will still need the menu to select Open a link in a new tab.

Create a digital signature for your Mac

To sign digital documents, you don’t need Adobe Acrobat. You can create a virtual signature that you can use on a Mac with the Preview app.

Preview. Hit Tools.

Select Annotate.

Select Signature.

Choose Manage signatures.

There are two options. You have two options: Sign with your trackpad, or write your name on a piece of white paper and hold it up in front of your webcam.

How do you use a Windows computer? Click or tap here to see the steps to create your digital signature. Scroll down to number 4.

You can use your pencil eraser to do something useful

You probably have a lot of dirty charging cables if you own an Apple product. These cables are easy to scratch and mark.

Use a pencil eraser to make them look new. You will see the difference in a few minutes.

Your webcam can be used for a whole new purpose

You can use your webcam for more than just video calls. It can be used as a scanner if you have to scan a document to your computer.

Open Photo Booth on a Mac. The webcam will open automatically. Your document will be placed in front of your webcam. To take a photo, click the red icon. The image will appear in the lower right corner. To keep it safe, drag it onto your desktop.

Open the Camera app on a Windows PC. To take a photo, place your document in front of the webcam. The bottom right corner will show your photo. Click the image to open it, then click on the three horizontal dots at the upper right. Select To see the folder on your computer, click it to open it. Then move it wherever you want.

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Don’t guess when you should leave

Google Maps allows you to set a departure and arrival time. You can set a departure time to get an estimate on when you should arrive at your appointment. You can set an arrival time to get an estimate of when you should be leaving your current location in order to arrive on time.

You only need to open Google Maps and enter your destination and location.


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