Pinnacle In The Public Sector

Pinnacle Technology Group plc has many successful years of experience working within the Public Sector, providing communications and IT solutions for Local Government, Education, NHS and Blue Light & Emergency Services.

? Data loss prevention, backup and business continuity

? IT / Cyber security solutions

? IT and Network Health Checks

? IT project services consultancy and training

? Software license renewals

? Mobile handsets and call plans

? Business Applications including Microsoft Office 365, Box and In Tune

? Connectivity: Broadband and site-to-site communications

? Telephony and unified communications


Public Services Network (PSN) Framework

Pinnacle is a direct partner of O2 and therefore we can provide Public Sector organisations with a complete digital solution through the Public Services Network (PSN) framework. O2 is listed on 7 out of 10 Lots on the framework, which means it is quick and easy for Pinnacle in partnership with O2 to get you up and running quickly and easily.
Pinnacle understands that security is one of the key concerns and partnered with O2 can offer to the public sector so much more, with O2 being the first mobile network provider to become CAS(T) certified. This accreditation assures that O2’s network is robust and secure, so Pinnacle can serve customers in the best possible way.

Education Sector

Giving students the best IT support is now a key contributor to a successful education, with both teachers and pupils using technology on a daily basis. IT can help teachers and schools raise education standards and enable them to inspire students learning development. The vast array of technology now available to the education sector opens up more opportunities, creating a more engaging approach to learning and provides students with the digital skills they need to have in an ever-evolving global workplace. Pinnacle Technology can help advise on the right technology to invest in, helping teachers to teach more effectively, helping students learn more interactively and helping parents to be more involved.

A Classroom of the future: available now!

? Classes streamed securely, live over the Internet

? Access to superfast Broadband

? Secure browsing of the Internet

? IT Security

? Digital applications to make communication easier and safer

Hendon School: “We have worked with Pinnacle for many years and have found them to be very informative and competitive. Our account manager is friendly and has always had Hendon School’s best interests at the centre of their proposed solutions.”

Franklin College: “The sales team are extremely knowledgeable and efficient at procuring quotations and third party pre-sales support. We have achieved significant savings by including this firm in our tender and quoting process.”

Local / Central Government

Pinnacle works closely with local authorities to show how IT infrastructure and digital services can save money and improve overall services. Pinnacle is constantly developing technology offerings to increase efficiency and service levels for you and your fellow employees. Pinnacle offers cost effective, secure and innovative end to end solutions for the public sector, enabling technology to support both public employees and consumers.

? Classes streamed securely, live over the Internet

? Access to super fast Broadband

? Secure browsing of the Internet

? IT Security

? Digital applications to make communication easier and safer


Technology is developing and changing the way healthcare is delivered. Technology can help diagnose symptoms without visiting a surgery or hospital, can help monitor a patient’s conditions, can help deliver care in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

Pinnacle Offers A Wide Range Of IT And Digital Solutions To The Healthcare Sector:

? Complete IT infrastructure: end-to-end IT solutions

? Mobile / Connectivity / Voice

? Business Applications: Microsoft Office 365, Box and InTune

? IT Security: Endpoint, Network, E-mail and Web

? IT Security Health checks

? Training

? Consultancy

Emergency Services

It is vital for Emergency Services to share information quickly, easily and most importantly, securely. This is where Pinnacle can help with their diverse range of IT and digital solutions to make this happen.

? IT Security: Endpoint, Network, E-mail and Web

? Health checks

? Training

? Consultancy

? IT Security Health checks

? Training

? Mobility / Connectivity / Voice.


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