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Technology is constantly changing, and we want to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. It is helpful to be familiar with tech tips and tricks. It makes it easy to feel secure and confident in your day, whether working for a business or yourself.

There are many sources from that we can learn technology tips and tricks. You can find the source in the video, audio, or HTML. There are also thousands to thousands of articles on technology tips and tricks. If you are having trouble finding these valuable resources, then you have come to the right place. The following article will help both tech-savvy and novice users solve their problems creatively using the tips and tricks provided by the websites.


Youtube is an online video-sharing site that offers a wide range of data in different formats. You can search the site for tricks and tips. Anyone can upload a video to YouTube.


Reddit Technology allows you to share and discuss the most recent technological developments, tips, and tricks. There are also a variety of discussions about technologies, expectations, and applications. Reddit’s questions and answers work mostly in autopilot mode, as most of Reddit’s content is user-generated. This includes text, video, and links.

Reddit users can answer your questions on any topic. You may also continue the conversation by posting your questions.


Quora is my favorite question-answer forum. The question is posted, the answer given, and then the users can follow up with the registered quora members. You may find quora blogs first on Google when you search for tech tips and tricks.


WikiHow, an online Wiki-style community, offers a wealth of information and “how-to guides” that can be used to assist in many areas. In 2005, Jack Herrick, an Internet entrepreneur founded WikiHow. They are not related to Wikipedia or Wikimedia. They claim that they were inspired by Wikipedia.

You can search their websites for any kind of tips and tricks. This site is my favorite for tech tips and tricks.


Lowell Heddings founded How-To Geek in 2007. It covers a wide range of technical tips and tricks that will make you smarter every single day.


Lifehacker blog posts cover a wide range of topics including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android apps as well as tips on everyday life. The Lifehacker website’s motto is ” Tips and tricks for getting things done”


In 2007, the MakeUseOf website was founded. Valnet acquires it. It is a leading website for technology education online.8 HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks was launched July 11, 1998. Marshall Brain created it. iHeartMedia later purchased it on September 13, 2018. HowStuffWorks discusses health, science and tech, culture, money and lifestyle.

Digital Trends

This technology news site is available in English as well as Spanish. It offers tech news, reviews, product review, buying guides categories, mobile (android, ios, and windows), software download categories, browsers software download, office products software, and games download category.


Stackoverflow is a large online community for developers that allows them to share their programming knowledge and help each other build their careers.


TechCrunch, an online newspaper in the United States, was founded by Archimedes Ventures partners Keith Teare and Michael Arrington in 2005. It focuses on startups and high-tech companies. AOL later purchased it in 2010.

TechCrunch hosts an annual TechCrunch disrupt technology conference every year since 2011. Startup Battlefield is an event where startups can pitch their ideas for private equity investors.

The geek stuff

Ramesh Naarajan founded it as a technology blog. This blog focuses on Linux Open Source Technologies.


ComputerHope is a support site for computer technology. ComputerHope was established in 1998 online with the goal of offering basic information and assistance. This organization provides technical support free of charge for most computer-related questions. It also includes information about computer products, help forums and product purchase tips.


Lifewire is a great site for tech tips and tricks. It was ranked among the top 10 technology information websites in 2017 ( source). Lifewire provides advice and solutions in a concise and easy-to-understand manner to common technical problems and questions. It offers actionable tech tips, advice, and solutions to various technology problems.


It focuses on Windows tips, software, guides, reviews, and web browsers.

The most popular content on the site is about login troubleshooting guides.


Wired, an American monthly magazine has both print and online editions. It focuses mainly on the impact of emerging technologies on culture, economy, politics, society and business. Jane Metcalfe and Louis Rossetto founded Wired in San Francisco in 1993. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco Bay Area on the West Coast of the Western US.


CNET stands to Computer Network. It is an American website that discusses news. It was started by Shelby Bonnie and Halsey Minor. Red Ventures acquired it on September 14, 2020.

It’s available in many languages, including Chinese, Japanese and French.


Mashable is the digital culture voice of the Connected Generation. It was founded in 2005. It contains information on technology, gadgets and science.


Gizmodo publishes news on technology, gadgets and science. Our goal is to give transparent coverage of the technology, science, entertainment, and new privacy policies.


OnlineTechTips provides tech-related tutorials, news, and software reviews. Its main category includes Windows OS, Tips(Computer Tips, Google Tips, MS Office Tips, Web Site Tips), Software reviews and free download links, and information about gadgets, smartphones, and gaming.


It mainly focuses on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, Microsoft Office, VPN, Kodi, etc as a category.


TechViral is one of the best tech blogs which provides tech-related “How to” articles, Andriod tricks and tips, Windows Tricks and Tips, Top List category of software, gadgets, smartphone, etc.


TechRadar is a technology website with editorial teams in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India that focuses on technology, news, and reviews of tech products and gadgets.

The verge

The Verge, an technology news website is a comprehensive source of information on the latest technology trends and developments.


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